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About Me

As a freelance graphic designer, I challenged myself to make my passion an art that I wanted to share with people. I always considered that design was an art combination with a strong science impregnation. My studies in Biologie given me a chance to contemplate the most beautiful artistic shapes in the world

Inspired by our envrionnement, I wanted to share this vision to everyone by creating a new design every day in line with this thought. For that reason, I created DAILY MINIMAL, a website dedicated to minimalism. These last two years, over 200 000 followers joined me in this project by liking, commenting, and sharing to their own communities these designs.

I don't consider my clients as common clients but above all as partners with whom I like to share. They entrust me precious things to them, like their branding which enable me to explore new creative territories.

There is no secret or magic wand but I can tell you that perseverance and obstination, ability to watch the world and rediscover it as if it was different every day are the most important qualities.

Do not hesitate to contact me via mail or phone to ask me everything you want, I'll do my best to provide you the best answers. I'm always ready for a new adventure.

“Design is where science and art break even”

Robin Mathew


You have a vision for your brand and you want it to visually represents itself ? I am able to design you the entire graphic indentity of your company (logos as well as business cards and letterheads)

graphic charters, guidelines, and communication supports: As much tools at your disposal for the success of your company.

The digital has became essential and you want to have a striking website ? I am able to advise you, or even create HTML based website with a strong impact on your clients.

And beacause people are always on the move, I'm here to design you phone applications which enable your customers to always have you in their pockets

You are looking for an effecient communication, a way to put your ideas on a beautiful poster or a cover for your next album ?

I'll provide you my graphic skills in visual identity conception and artistic creation to bring a new vision and reinforce your project and transmit your own values, which will distinguish you in the eyes of your clients.

Why Choose Me?

I'm Creative

I get my ideas in my environment. I am always on the move to bring you each time something different.

I'm Punctual

Punctuality is about organisation. I make it a point to answer you quickly.

I have magic

Making the ordinary, extraordinary is my purpose. A fresh look, a stroke of a pen, not rocket science, but enough to bring to my work the magic that will, I am sure of it, marvel more than one.

I love minimalism

Minimalism it's saying a lot with a few words. So I would say only one thing: I <3 Minimalism

I am responsible

Being a graphic designer is above all about how to reinvent himself, never rest on his *assets* to push back the limits of his creativity.

I am Friendly

All requests start with a good discussion. Let's start a conversation to define your needs and together we will find a customized solution to your wishes.

Latest work ()

Pierre VOISIN | 10 December
Monochrome and minimal branding for a strong impact.
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Pierre VOISIN | 9 December
Check out a good example of an abstract based logo for a futuristic brand.
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UNMÜTE | Logo & Business Card
Pierre VOISIN | 26 November
A dark business card design for a modern and look.
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2 rue des pléïades, Les Mureaux France
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